Hear Nothing

My voice is loud,
Enough for many to hear
But you avoid the sound
And hear nothing my dear
It’s clarion call
Falls on deaf ear
You’re out having a ball
And hear nothing my dear
Your mind turns off
As you drink another beer
You laugh and just scoff
And hear nothing my dear


Fortify the walls of your glass house before you throw stones, because pebbles aren’t in my arsenal. This war you’ve begun may have buy one victor, and though many have tried, I stand undefeated, with scrapes and scars reminding me of tricks I learned. With no intention of loss, and a stubbornness to rival the great mountains themselves, your world will fall to shards and you will have no more than mirrors, showing your inadequacy which you fight so hard to shove on onto others. Your worst enemy will be a man with nothing to lose, and that is what you have made me, a man with nothing to lose and the world to gain.












My hands are too small to do this effectively.

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Brain Overload

Tell me another story, one I don’t want to hear. Tell me another story, I’m not sleeping my dear. The stories you’ve already told do keep me from rest, their words still spinning, the meanings heavy on my chest. You utter words to me of wishes of another, while you look me in the eye and treat me as a brother. If only you knew the things that I feel, you’d know there’s no need to explain your ordeal. You struggle and fight to capture your hearts meaning, while mind grows hard to keep from keening. For you are my dear, your words are burned in my mind, and of you knew how I felt you’d know it’s unkind. My heart beats for yours as yours beats for his, no matter how I tell it that torture is what this is. Your tale doesn’t leave me untouched, and for you I feel woe, and would pledge to fight for you this invisible foe. To do this in reality though would cost me too much, so I sit in silence as at your heart you clutch. Your pain is bitter, and painful to see, but I will keep my word to you and by your side be.

Descriptive Writing

As she wades through the room, adrift in an ocean of papers, she prepares herself for the tremendous task at hand; cleaning this room would be no simple chore. Dust particles float through the wisps of sunlight that managed to find its way through the boarded windows.  An electric hum fills the air; the lantern will be a necessity despite the glorious day outside. Papers seem to flow across the width and breadth of the room, at first glance a small space, covering every iota of the thirty square foot floor. Her breath comes in heaving gasps as she stalks through the simplest path, teaming with waist high papers, aiming for the far corner where papers were stacked the highest. Recently her father has passed, this room the last standing remnants of his life, finally he is at rest, however his legacy remains in her hands. Stretching on her toes, she lightly grasps an envelope from the top of the highest pile and moves away slightly to examine it. Shudders wreak havoc on the stack as she steps aside, papers shifting under her feet, the pile comes crashing down, knocking her from her feet. Clinging to the envelope dearly, she gingerly stands straight once more and slides a finger under the edge to open the flap. She pulls a letter from the envelope; tears well in her eyes as photographs fall free, fluttering to rest on the papers. After a moment, she picks up the pictures, returns them to the envelope, and makes her way back to the door. A heavier burden she could not have imagined, so it shall rest for another day when emotions have lulled.

A picture drawn on inspiration from the movie Arthur, to remind people that even the most simple person is special.

Quote says “When I was little, I used to think that the moon was following me, and I thought that meant that something special was going to happen to me one day.”

Here’s a quick view of an altered design I put together for a friend who was looking for a tattoo

A tattoo I designed for a friend, basic pencil on paper, Yin Yang base, with floral vines, and celtic tribal sun and moon. 


I trade the poison in my blood for the venom in you
Because i’m so sure thats what fate wants me to do
As i softly whisper “nightshade” in your ear
I see your body wrack with tremors of fear
And no matter how i know that i shouldn’t speak
I whisper more and more of the secrets that make you weak
My eyes cloud over as i weep the venom out
That i must be rid of you i have no doubt
My mind laughs at me and prior thoughts of ease
Wrenching you out of my life isn’t done with a “please”
But with a tearing sensation I grip my heart in my hand
And set it aflame, as it crumbles not to ash, but to sand
I watch as its pieces fall down to the floor
As it glitters and shines like never before
From these sand ashes a new feeling does fly
I don’t need you anymore, to think i did was a lie

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